Psychotherapy and Counselling

The path to wellbeing is never easy. It’s better to be accompanied on this journey by a therapist who can provide you with a secure base: empathy, unconditional positive regard, and non-judgemental acceptance.

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Psychedelic Integration

I do not provide psychoactive substances, nor do I recommend their use. However, if you intend to go on a psychedelic journey to expand your consciousness, I can help you prepare for it and integrate your experience after.

Yoga and Meditation

Connecting with your body is crucial for mental health. I can teach you moving meditation and yoga to help you manage stress and anxiety, and to build somatic capacity so that you can manage distressing emotions better.


I have an MSc in psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling. I work at the NHS both as an adult psychotherapist at a complex trauma unit, and as a perinatal psychotherapist working with pregnant women, and vulnerable parents and their infants and toddlers. Before that, I worked as a psychotherapist in secondary care at the NHS, treating clients who experienced early relational/sexual trauma or were diagnosed with PTSD, complex PTSD, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, depression and anxiety.  I have been working in the social care sector for 11 years, working with the most vulnerable and often high-risk people. My clients have been from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, and presented with a wide range of issues.


Salman Rushdie writes in his magical masterpiece, The Ground Beneath Her Feet that ‘five mysteries hold the keys to the unseen: the act of love, the birth of a baby, the contemplation of great art, being in the presence of death or disaster, and hearing the human voice lifted in song. These are the occasions when the bolts of the universe fly open and we are given a glimpse of what is hidden: an eff of the ineffable.’ I would add that there is at least one more key that can unlock the doors to divine intimations and profound transformations: freeing up the human body in a visceral, life-affirming, effortless dance while tuning into the eternal, creative life force (Axe) –  with the help of psychedelics.


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