Psychedelic Integration


My approach is based on mindfulness blended with CBT and psychodynamic principles to help you understand, process, and integrate the previously unconscious contents that arise during the plant medicine sessions.  I can also help you make sense of your ‘visions’ and ‘downloads’, and differentiate between the spiritual and psychological. You lead, I follow your pace, and with my guidance you slowly gain more insight into your journey. I can also teach you distress tolerance techniques if difficult emotions have come up.  

I have experience helping people integrate Ayahuasca, DMT, Bufo Alvarius, Kambo, Psilocybin, LSD and Ketamin experiences.

Is it a download, or am I projecting? – How to integrate psychedelic experiences

You’ve just been through one of the most transformative experiences of your life, journeying through a roiling mass of emotions, thoughts, visions, ‘downloads’, memories, and amplified residues of recent activities, and it’s hard to put them into words.

Salman Rushdie writes in his magical masterpiece, The Ground Beneath Her Feet that ‘five mysteries hold the keys to the unseen: the act of love, the birth of a baby, the contemplation of great art, being in the presence of death or disaster and hearing the human voice lifted in song. These are the occasions when the bolts of the universe fly open and we are given a glimpse of what is hidden: an eff of the ineffable.’ I would add that there is at least one more key that can unlock the doors to divine intimations and profound transformations: freeing up the human body in a visceral, life-affirming, effortless dance while tuning into the eternal, creative life force (Axe) – with the help of psychedelics. However, that key to the unseen is not always a gentle fit. It can be a Trojan horse. 

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