Psychotherapy and Counselling

If you’re reading this, perhaps you are not in a good place. Maybe slightly off the track, struggling to make sense of your thoughts and feelings, or even completely overwhelmed. You may need support, guidance, or just an empathetic other who can give you their undivided attention in a safe place where you don’t need to censor yourself. 

The path to wellbeing is never easy. It’s better to be accompanied on this journey by a therapist who can provide you with a secure base: empathy, unconditional positive regard, and non-judgemental acceptance. A stable ship you can tie your dingy to while exploring uncomfortable and painful experiences and re-discovering your authentic self. Someone with whom you can co-create a safe, confidential space, so that therapy can become a refuge:  anything happening in your life feels safer with an empathetic guide.

How we work together

My training and approach are primarily psychodynamic, but I work in an integrative manner, tailoring my approach to your needs. You can bring all the thoughts and emotions and parts of yourself that may seem unbearable, and through the therapeutic relationship everything will slowly be woven into the self so that these parts, thoughts and emotions don’t feel unbearable any more.  

Working in a psychodynamic way means that we explore the interplay between what you are aware of, and what you are not. We work on how early coping strategies that have helped you survive when you were young affect your current life, and how relationships in the present are influenced by past relationships. It can be hugely liberating to realise how processes and patterns that we have been unaware of impact our lives. I draw on a number of techniques and theoretical approaches such as attachment theory, developmental neuroscience, somatic experiencing, mindfulness and humanistic psychology. 

I am also a qualified yoga and meditation teacher, so I can teach you techniques and strategies to regulate your nervous system and develop somatic capacity to tolerate overwhelming emotions. 

We can work together in a short-term, issue-focussed, or in an open-ended way.

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